Reducing Credit Card Debt on a Budget

Having credit card debt can be an unseen health risk. Waking up every day thinking about the fact that you owe somebody else your well earned money is not fun. Knowing that you have to pay the loaner back more than you borrowed only raises stress levels. However, you do not have to stay stressed as I present you with seven ways to make credit card debt a thing of the past.

New Thinking Process

The first step in destroying credit card debt is to change the way you think. Many people believe that they need credit. They seek to raise their credit score as if it will be a milestone accomplishment. They look to pay off loans in order to hopefully borrow more money. They only see themselves purchasing a new home, automobile, furniture, or more with the aid of a bank’s financial assistance. The problem with these people is a simple one, and it is called “a lack of self-confidence.”

Yes, I have met people who have purchased brand new cars and houses with cash. When they first told me, I quickly asked them how and where they got the money. To my surprise, none of them answered stating that the funds came from a parent’s inheritance. Instead, they simply said they saved their taxes, portions of checks, or more because they knew what they wanted. They were patient, and today they are debt free and property owners.

This can be you too. Therefore, change the way you think by seeking to save for everything. Be the lender and not the person in need or the giver to the borrower.

Debt Total

If you have debt, do not feel down on yourself. You can truly one day be in a debt free status and paying for your expensive desires in cash. With that, the next step is to be real with yourself by totaling up your debt. This will give you a picture of where you stand in your pursuit of being debt free.

No Usage

Once you have a real number concerning how deep you are in debt, kill the fire. Do not let your debt burden you anymore. Start by taking your credit cards out of your wallet or purse. If you can find the strength to do so, cut them up and throw them away. You must begin to look at debt as a threat rather than a medicine. It is like a useless friendship. You thought it would help you but in the end it is out to take something away from you. Therefore, you want to get rid of it and you can start by letting go of its access as you trash your charge cards. This will help you to no longer use them and watch their balances drop as you pay them down.

Set the Goal

Do not get too excited and try to do too much too fast. Start with small goals which will later turn into big goals. Set higher credit card payoff amounts into your budget. Look at ways to cut costs in your life in order to more quickly diminish your credit card debt. A wise man once said to me and my classmates that you can build a castle one brick at a time and get the same results.

When you see that first credit card paid off and experience the taste of freedom, you will be encouraged to pay off the others. You will begin to think like an owner rather than a borrower. You will start to see where your happiness had ran off to and why it is suddenly reappearing.

Extra Money

If you have a bunch of things that you bought with credit that were truly careless purchases, make use of them. If you do not need them, sell them and use the money to pay off the debt they caused you. Do not get wrapped around selling your unwanted possessions to have money in the present when you can pay off debt and have a lot of money in the future.


As you see your debt winding down, get on the phone and make some deals. Ask the creditors how much they are willing to accept in order to for you pay the debts off in full. You will be surprised to see that many of them do not want you to pay every single penny you owe. They are making A LOT of money from other people who are in debt and are just glad to have you as a customer.

New Budget and Plan

Finally, as you pay off those debts, you will find additional money to use elsewhere in your budget. Therefore, take the money and pay off another credit card using the same steps as explained earlier. When you do these things, not only will you one day become debt free, you will find that your credit score has risen. On this note, do not be tempted to go and open another credit card. Instead, enjoy your newly discovered financial freedom and the peace that comes with being debt free by adding a new category in your budget entitled “whatever I want” money!

Personal Financial Examiner
Ryan D. Neely


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