Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I have been using the old version of Budget Calendar since long, recently i purchased a new version from the app store and I am not able to login.
    The accounts that existed in the old budget app are not valid for this new version of the app. You will have to register again and create a new account to use this app. (By meaning old version we intend to the version of the app that existed before this new redesigned app was launched)

  2. Can I use the application on more than 1 devices using the same username and password?
    Yes you use the application on multiple devices using the same username and password.

  3. Is it mandatory to create a checking/loans account after successfully signing up before i starting using the app ?
    Yes. After you signup successfully you need to create a Cash & Bank or Loan & Credit type of account that will be used to create transactions. The account creation is mandatory because without it user will not be able to enter transactions.

  4. What does the Auto Login switch do in the settings screen ?
    The auto login feature is kind of a security lock for the application. When turned ON the app will ask user to enter a password each time the app is opened. When turned OFF the app will directly open the calendar screen without prompting user for the password.

  5. Will I be able to use the Budget Calendar application if internet connectivity is not available ?
    If you have successfully logged in or signed up with your account in the app then henceforth you can use the app even if you are not connected to the internet.

  6. What should i do in case i don’t remember the password of my account ?
    You need to look out for a “Forgot Password” link on the login page which will ask for your email address. Enter your email address and a password reset link will be sent to that email address.

  7. I have been using the old budget app, is it possible for me to transfer my data from the old app to the new one?
    No you cannot export the data from the old Budget Calendar app. You will have to start afresh.


  9. Can I add multiple accounts?
    Yes you can. Budget Calendar has an account menu that helps you create Debit and Credit accounts, from Checking and Savings to Credit Cards and Personal Loans.

  10. Can I edit or create my own categories?
    Definitely. Budget Calendar comes loaded with the most commonly used categories and subcategories. You can edit their names, create new categories and subcategories, or change their organization.

  11. Can I transfer to different accounts or reconcile my balance?
    Absolutely. Each entry is categorized in 4 types: Income, Expense, Transfer, and Adjustments. Incomes will credit your account balance in the calendar view and reports, Expenses will debit your account depending if they are cleared or not. Transfers can be scheduled in the future, such as payment to a credit card account or personal loans, and the Adjustment transactions will easily reconcile your account balance by typing the current balance on your bank.

  12. Can I see my balance for the next 3 months, 6 months, 5 years?
    This is the core of Budget Calendar, forecasting your cash flow in the future, 20 years in the future. Based on your fixed income, expenses, and daily transactions, Budget Calendar will accurately calculate your daily balance and display it in a calendar view. You can also run reports for the past, present, and future of your expenses, income, spending trends, and 8 more graphic reports.

  13. How many financial reports does Budget Calendar comes with?
    Currently, Budget Calendar comes with 9 reports. Income vs. Expense, Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Expenses, Accounts, Bills, Reminders, Not Paid, Recurring, Spreadsheet, and a Summary Report that displays the most important information to help you make better financial decisions.

  14. Are there any financial calculators in your app?
    Five of them. The standard calculator, a Loan Calculator, a Mortgage Calculator, Tax Calculator, Discount Calculator, and a Tip Calculator.

  15. Can I set up a Budget?
    Yes, and not only that, you can set up customized budgets. Party budget, Vacation budget, Wedding budget, you name it. All with several cycles.


  17. Can I schedule repeated transactions in your app?
    Yes. Monthly expense that occurs every month, like an insurance payment or a cable bill, or perhaps you transfer funds from your checking account to your savings account every two weeks, can be set up using different cycles: daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4, every 6, monthly, quarterly, every 6 month, yearly and so on. With the Repeat transactions feature, you can easily create multiple transactions in a single click.

  18. Can I set notifications for repeated transactions?
    Yes. You can set them up to 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days in advance.

  19. I cannot see all those default Income and Expenses in my app when i log into the app using my account.
    The default Income and Expenses are available to user when they signup. You need to enable Sync or Backup in order to sync that account data in case you are using the account in another device.


  21. Does the app automatically sync my data across different devices using the same account of the app?
    If you have purchased Sync Subscription from within the app then yes the app automatically sync your data to the cloud and other devices.

  22. What is the difference between Sync Subscription and Backup Subscription?
    Sync Subscription enables your account data to be always synced across devices on iOS and android. It’s always on as long as your device has internet connectivity. If you are using the app on multiple devices then any change to the data on one device is instantly reflected on another device.
    Backup is like keeping a copy of your local data onto the cloud. You need to take backups manually.

  23. Will restoring a backup from the cloud erase my current data?
    Yes. Please be careful when restoring the backups from the cloud as you will loose all your data in your device at that point of time and it will be replaced by the data which you had backed up the last time you performed a backup.

  24. Can i keep multiple backups on to the cloud?
    No you cannot have multiple backups in the cloud. The will be only 1 backup (the latest one) per account in the cloud.

  25. What happens to my data when I migrate from one device to another and i don’t have Backup or Sync Subscriptions?
    If you don’t have Backup or Sync Subscriptions then you won’t have access to your data that you had in your old device. In essence app will be blank without any data when you login in the new device.

  26. What happens to my data when I migrate from one device to another and i have an active Sync Subscription?
    If you have an active Sync Subscription then you need not worry about anything. The app will automatically sync and bring all your existing data from the old device into the new device seamlessly. Just sit back and watch the show!

  27. What happens to my data when I migrate from one device to another and i have an active Backup Subscription?
    In case of migrating to a new device you will first have to take a backup to the cloud from your old device. Then after logging you need to restore the backup you took from your old device. After restoration process is complete, restart the app and you will have all your data back.

  28. What should I do incase i don’t find Expenses or Incomes that i need from the default list of accounts to choose from while creating a transaction?
    You can always add to the list of default accounts that the app provides by tapping the “+” button at the top right of the screen.


  30. Does this app support multiple currencies?
    Yes there are various currencies that are supported by this app. But these currencies are for display purposes only. This app does not update the live currency values and conversions between multiple currencies.

  31. Can I use the date format in my country?
    Budget Calendar comes with 4 different date format settings so its easier for you to spot the right transaction on the right date.

  32. Is your starting week day always Sunday?
    No, you can start the day on a Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, and so on.

  33. What languages does this app support?
    Right now the languages supported by the app are English and Spanish. NOTE – You need to select your preferred language at the time when you sign up for the app. The language selected at that time will be used throughout the course of the app usage. You cannot change the language after the signup process is complete.

  34. Can this app pull data and my transactions from my Bank account?
    For the time being No. This feature may be added in future versions.

  35. Where should i contact you in case of bug/suggestions/queries/feedback
    Please email us at cs@budgetcalendar.net and we’ll get back to you asap.

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