Seven Ways to Save for a Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner and you know you want to get out and have fun. However, you may not have the money to go to a major theme park, the beach, out of the country, or your favorite concert. If this is you, do not lose hope as I may have some remedies to make your summer wishes come true. With that, here are seven things you can do to make and save up some money for a fun filled summer vacation.


Yes, get out there and start making some cash off of last year’s wardrobe. You know that when next winter comes you will be looking to get a new winter coat and possibly new boots or shoes. Or, you may have a sweater that you have worn approximately every two weeks due to your lack of clothing supply that needs to be retired. If this is the case, set up a spring yard sale and make yourself some money.

You may have some furniture, electronics, books, collectibles or more that just do not have the meaning they used to in your life. Well, believe it or not, somebody else out there wants them. Therefore, you should either place your unwanted items for sale on the internet or start visiting some local pawn shops.

Do you like writing? Do you like editing? Do you enjoy reading? If so, there are A LOT of college students out there who will pay you huge amounts of money to do their homework. I am not saying that this is a good way to market yourself publicly, but I am saying that it will bring in some cash.

Tax Season

So, maybe you are used to paying off your bills every tax season. If so, I commend you and would like to encourage you to remain responsible. On the other hand, when next tax season comes around, if you get a significant refund, put a little something to the side for vacation. My wife and I did this last year and ended up having enough money for over a week’s hotel stay, food, shopping, and gas.


Are you a member of a rewards program of some type? Do you get store gift cards for your specific affiliations or activities? If so, save them up. There are businesses willing to buy your gift cards to please you and themselves. Or, you can use the gift cards on your summer vacation.


Do you find yourself with spare time on your hands every once in a while? If so, join some online survey groups. Now, I will be honest in telling you that you will not make a lot of money. However, if you are willing to put on some soft music and take a couple of surveys a night, you can make a dollar or more a day. I used to do this in my free time and would average about $30 a month to spend on music, books, games, food, or more. It was great as I did not have to depend what was in my bank account to do what I chose.

Change Jar

Do you find yourself with loose change here and there? If you do, build yourself an accountability change jar. Start by finding a container that you know you will not open until summer arrives. Next, fill it up with any change that you may find. By the time summer rolls around you will be surprised to see that you have over $100 to do whatever you choose with. This $100 will mean a lot when it comes to your gas and food, so do not think of it lightly.

Side Job

If you do not like taking surveys and still have spare time, consider working an additional job. If you can find a part time job that does not interrupt your daily routine, you may be in for a good surprise. If you can bring in an extra $100 a week and saved it up for an entire year, you would be looking at over $5,000!


Last but never the least, another great way to bring in some extra cash is to recycle. Honestly, you may only make around $40 a month for a month’s worth of plastic bottles and cans. However, in 12 months, if you really put the additional money into a savings account, you will find yourself with $480 extra to spend.

In this case, say you went on a five day vacation. Days one and five are spent driving to and from the location, and days two through four are the fun days. If you only used your $480 for days two through four, you would have $160 a day to spend on whatever you choose.

As you can see, you can be creative throughout the year to set yourself up for a summer blast that does not hurt your budget. Therefore, get started today to see your summer dreams come to life.

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Personal Finance Examiner
Ryan D. Neely


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