Budget Calendar: The Bigger Picture of Your Finances

No matter if you are one of the world’s richest people, or only have a few dollars to spend; you are on a budget. You have bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and needs to be met that all have to do with the money you have and are accumulating. Therefore, you do your best to manage your finances in order to please everybody while in turn satisfying yourself. To help you out, allow me to introduce you to an app that will allow you to put your notebook, calculator, and pen or pencil to the side. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to world of Budget Calendar.

Budget Calendar is a personal finance management app created by the Elite Platinum team. They are known for their apps such as Call Blocker and Movimall, and have now created a mobile software for users to get a better hold of their cash. The Budget Calendar app can be purchased through Apple’s iTunes store for iPhones and iPads or Google’s Play store for Android system owners.

A unique aspect of our lives today is being able to have a smartphone with a calendar app for us to store events. These cool calendars have the capability to send us reminders. Well; imagine having a calendar that sent you reminders concerning your budget and what bills were due? Imagine if the calendar was in sync with your budget for the day, week, and month? With Budget Calendar, these features are the reality as individuals can know what is due, when, and how much money they have to cover their expenses.

Because we are on a budget, we rely on schedules as well as our paycheck when it comes to making financial decisions. A great compliment to a calendar is a calculator that gives us the ability to input a debit to get a real idea of its cost without having to switch apps. Budget Calendar allows users to do so with its inclusion of five economic calculators.

Tax- The tax calculator gives consumers the capacity to understand an item’s cost beyond the price tag. Many of us forget that tax is not included in the cost when we are at retail stores. Therefore, we may end up shorter on the financial end if we do not preplan to cover the extra percentage.

Tip- Though the service you just received was excellent, you cannot rely on the restaurant to pay the server their due. You owe it to them for their diligence and should give them the common percentage at minimum (15-20%) for their tip. Budget Calendar’s tip calculator allows you to enter your bill’s total to know the additional suggested amount of cash to leave on the table

Discount- You may have some coupons with you and are trying to figure out which items to purchase and how so that you spend less money, but get what you want. The app’s discount calculator gives you a heads up on what your final total will be when you seek to purchase your desires and receive a discount.

Loan- You have waited long for that furniture, car, or other large purchase and understand that you will need a loan to have it soon. Budget Calendar’s loan calculator shows you what to expect pay in the long run on a monthly basis based on the chosen parameters.

Mortgage- That house may just have your name written on it. If you want to attach the address to your name as well, you will need to purchase it. Therefore, the app’s mortgage calculator allows you to get an idea of what the home or building will cost you.

I bet you really believe you know where your money is going on a monthly basis. Well, what if you could see where it was going and to which degree? With Budget Calendar’s reporting function, you can get a true glimpse of what may be eating at your income. You can know where you are spending too much money and where you are not. The trends and forecaster additives help you to further understand exactly what you have been up to versus what you thought you were doing. 

Laura Shin of Learnvest suggests that when it comes to budgeting our money, we should break down our plan into three categories. Those categories are fixed costs, financial goals, and flexible spending (Shin, The fixed costs are things we cannot get away from and owe. The Budget Calendar app will not let you miss your important deadlines concerning these matters. Your financial goals are the things you want to do to be debt free. The app will help you to see what interest does to your payments and why you want to pay your bills off. Lastly, your flexible spending is where you get to dictate what to do with the leftover cash. As you reach for financial freedom and peace, the budget calendar will help you see which habits you need to break and other areas to refocus the money for a better situation.

As you can see, the Budget Calendar app truly gives you the means to view the bigger picture of your money situation. Therefore, download your copy today and enjoy knowing where your money is going.

Don’t forget to consider Budget Calendar for the Android and the iPhone, the best mobile app for your personal finances.


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